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Imagine if all people, regardless of conditions of birth (race, color, sex, wealth, family connections, etc.) had the freedom to use their minds to their full potential.

There would be a gush of technology, the likes of which the world has never seen! New technology will soon be developed a hundred times faster than the current rate. Like a giant dam being destroyed, and the new technology flowing unimpeded.

We now have new understanding will enable us to perfect our society. Our societies have always been based on a system where the society as a whole is only about the same intelligence as one person.

Highlife Theory shows us that society is a living organism, which can experience emotions, such as anger, fear, hatred, and jealousy. These emotions can lead us to nuclear war. Only by creating an intelligent society, can we hope to avoid nuclear war.

You don't get a nuclear war from one person hating another. You get a nuclear war when a nation as a whole hates and fears another nation. We can fix it, so whole nations won't hate as one unit.

Sure, Highlife Theory is just a theory. It may be wrong, but, even if there is only a one percent chance that I am right, that the world will be destroyed if I do nothing, than that one percent chance is enough to justify doing everything I can for this cause. Even to dedicate my whole life to this. Wouldn't you dedicate your whole life to such a cause, if there was a one percent chance at saving the world? You would at least take the time to read and study it wouldn't you?

It isn't just Highlife Theory, much of the scientific world is heading in this direction. There's Intelligent Design Theory, which states that many mechanisms of life could not have evolved, but rather required a designer. They are starting to teach that one in schools now. There's also Memetics Theory, which basically shows ideas as living things.

The purpose in Highlife Theory is not to make people go out and read the Bible. In fact, it doesn't matter whether you read the Bible or not, or what religion you are. What ever higher power you believe in, or even if you don't believe in one. This higher power can communcate to us through any and all religions, rituals, even books, movies, and fairy tales. Yes, even Pagan and Wiccan Rituals.

The purpose in Highlife Theory and the purpose for us to understand what God is, is so that we become aware that nations act as one unit, with emotions of hatred, fear, anger, etc. This knowledge will allow us to fix these problems. So we can create a society which will not hate and therefore will not destroy the world in nuclear war.

We can not prevent a society from acting as one living organism, we can only prevent that organism from from being ruled by emotions. We will do this by creating a society which has amplified intelligence. A super intelligent society will not be ruled by emotions.

Our societies have always been based on systems where the society as a whole is only about the same intelligence as one person. Democracy, only averages the intelligence of all the people in the group, so as to reduce the chance of radical behavior. It does not improve intelligence of the society.

None the less, democracy is a good system, and has it's uses. We can not longer rely solely on democracy, however, we need to make certain improvements to it, so as to prevent nuclear war.

Highlife Theory shows us that it is possible for a society to boost it's intelligence, so as to become many times more intelligent than an individual. We've learned of such societies existing in nature, where the individuals are of typical insect intelligence, yet the whole group is second only to man in intelligence.

Now, obviously, if you are not acquainted to the idea of a society having a combined intelligence, I suggest you stop reading this right now, and go to Highlife Theory, and read that first. Highlife Theory will introduce you to a new type of lifeform, and will help you understand this.

It's not just that human society is stupid, but also it trains us to be stupid as well. I'm sure you've heard of reward training. Often used on pets, where you reward your pet with some kind of treat every time your pet does what you tell them to do. This works on people to. Our society rewards selfishness, greed, distrust, deceit and pushiness. All these traits which we hate in sales people, are there because they help them sell. Even a person who is not a sales person, can get a better job and make more money, if that person has those traits. Basic reward training at work.

On the surface, our society seems to be self adapting, but it's not. Our society very slowly, but continuously fluctuates, between states of feast and famine, and war and peace. The powerful, continuously grabbing more power, turning us all into slaves, until it eventually breaks down into war.

Even at it's best, our society has always been held together by band-aid legislation. We can't stop making laws, 'cause it's the only thing holding the system together. No longer do we need to try to hold the old system together with band-aids, we now have a better system. So you're saying, ok explain this system.

It should be common knowledge that it is always extremely difficult to get people to understand and agree with a new idea. I can only hope that you understand enough about it to consider showing some respect for my intelligence. Assuming you have read Highlife Theory, you understand that I believe this is God's plan. Naturally, you must understand that I wanted you to read Highlife Theory for two reasons, one because it will help you understand the plan better, and the other because there is just a small chance that you might understand enough about Highlife Theory to know that this plan deserves some serious thought. Just maybe, if you understand what God is, you won't assume that you know more than God, about whether this plan will work or not.

Once you understand what exactly God is, you'll see that it makes logical sense that it is extremely important to God that we fix our society. God lives in all of us, in our interactions, in our society. God is society. As our society improves, God's power also improves. One can not deny the fact that God would have a strong direct interest in this, as it is in fact the Power of God that we are talking about here. This is in fact God's life essence, so naturally God would have a direct interest in it. We are about to unleash the Power of God!

Don't be afraid, God lives in all of us, therefore God won't hurt us. God won't take away our freedom either. God's power comes from freedom.

What God has known for thousands of years, is that it is possible for society as a whole to be millions of times more intelligent than the individual. Man has only just recently learned this, though it is not yet widely known.

It is possible for society to be millions of times more intelligent than the individual. Nature has proved this. Consider the lowly ant. Not very intelligent right? Yet ants grow crops, raise live stock, use tools, build bridges, communicate, etc. We marvel at the intelligence of a chimpanzee, 'cause it can use tools, but ants do agriculture and build complex structures like bridges with amazing speed!!!

God has given us a plan to accomplish this in human society as well. Man is so much more intelligent than ants, that one can not even imagine how utterly amazing this new society will be. We are about to unleash the Power of God!

If I'm right, that God does want this, than I must know two things, I must know what, and I must know how. Now, if all I knew was the how... If all I had was a plan for reorganizing society, that would make me think wow, but it wouldn't make me think that God has anything to do with it. Even after finding evidence in the Bible, I can think that could be a coincidence. See, logic would dictate that if God wants this, then God must have a plan to obtain it.

Like I said, just knowing the how all by itself also is enough to make me think WOW! Knowing both of them though, is almost proof in itself that God wants this. What are the odds of one person knowing how to do both those things?

Actually, I have two plans to make this happen. One plan accomplishes some things, while the other plan accomplishes other things. The two plans together, strongly enhance each other and will accomplish everything, for the entire world.

As an inventor, I've been trained by society to be secretive, so naturally I don't want to give out all the information here. I'm thinking, I really don't need to, as I really only need to prove to you that I have one plan, and you can take it on faith that there's another. After all, one plan for how to accomplish this, that's like WOW!

From a Tiny Seed

As you probably know, every seed has a tiny version of a plant inside. With this tiny plant is a tiny amount of food.

Now if you take a society or a nation, and shrink it down into a microscopic scale, what do you get? You get a company. Every company on earth has it's own government, politics, laws, and law enforcement, etc. A company is therefore a tiny version of a nation or society.

Simply speaking, I start a company using this system, and if it will be an efficient, effective government. If it will make the people happy and productive, it will grow to become a great nation.

Those that would fear change, fear not! Fore there is no cause for alarm. If I am wrong, and this government does not make the people happy, it'll simply vanish on it's own. There is no need for war, as this government can grow inside an existing government without conflict.

To put it simply, the plan is to take the power from the powerful, and give it to all the people. This means that the people who come up with the ideas, will have the power to make those ideas into realities.

We can do this by harnessing the power of the Internet. In fact, there already seems to be a general trend in that direction, but it lacks a system of generating funding. That I will create.

Power right now, is money. So if you understood what I just said, you'd know that I intend to bring the money to all the people in the world. Self employment is part of this. This alone, however will not provide them the power that I speak of.

I should point out, that providing the work to anyone who is willing to work, will allow the world to produce about 10 times what we currently produce. This means the standard of living though out the world will increase by 10 times. Poverty will be a thing of the past.

The power that I speak of, is not money. Sure, we could attempt to provide power by giving money, but greed would takeover and there would be nothing left.

We will provide this power in other forms. Forms which are less subject to greed. Power in the form of education, giving the knowledge needed to create. Power in the form of access to expensive equipment, giving people the tools needed to create. Power in the form of access to information and expert assistance, giving people the help needed to create. These are three forms of power, which can easily be kept out of the hands of greed. There are other forms as well, that we will provide, these are only a few examples.

These forms of power also have the added bonus of being far less expensive than simply providing money. About 1/100th the cost. This power will automatically go to where it is needed. People don't often waste these forms of power, as they do with money. Greed will not be much of a problem.

Also, the reward system will be more based on time, rather than money. What motivates the highly creative and productive people is not money. It is time. They want time, and when they get the time, they use it to create or produce. It is a win-win situation.

Give an inventor time, and the inventor will invent. Give a greedy person time and... well, obviously they can't use their greed to get more time, so their greed has little or no effect on the system.

I have the plans to start this thing. I can start this on a small scale, with very little money, and it'll grow on its own, but it will still require some money, which I haven't got. No one will donate... No problem, I'll get the money from the poor!

How do you get money from the poor? Simple. You provide them with work. Good paying work, which will pay for training more people, so we can do more work.

On a small scale though, it will lack efficiency in many areas, so to make up for this, it will need to be started in a third world country where labor costs are initially low and people are willing to try for lack of other alternatives.

I suspect many people think this could never happen, that the powers that be would do everything the can to stop it. However, if this is God's plan, than there is no stopping it!!!

Think about this. The human race has reached a point where we can now destroy ourselves and the world. If there is a God out there, don't you think that God would choose this time to do something to prevent the possiblity of nuclear war? If God had a plan to stop it, isn't it just possible that somewhere, someone would have this plan?

Every nation on Earth has everything needed to become a wealthy nation. They have all have an abundent workforce. That is all that is needed to become wealthy.

Jesus told us that the poor would one day inherit the Earth. That is what this is all about.

For the Future of Mankind

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