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How can I help

A lot of people look at this page, and at the donate page (which I removed, 'cause no one donates), so I really don't expect anyone to help. If you want to help, contact me. If you believe in this and want to help, I can think of things you can help with.

Anyone truely interested in helping can find my e-mail here. No attachments please. I don't open any attachments.

You can also check out the forum to talk to other people who are interested in helping us form a new society.

Computer and or Internet Skills

Those that have strong computer or internet skills can help enormously. They can help me enormously from their current location, and even more if they are willing to move here. In fact, one such person, could provide all the help I need. If you are such a person, with a desire to help, to contact me find my e-mail here.


Those who know multiple languages can help me make versions of this site in other languages. Sure, I can do this with software, but this is no help. It does no good to translate it if no one will see that language. Internet competition in English is intense! I'm lucky to get any visitors at all in English, but in another language, the competition is far less. If you'd like to help, find my e-mail here.

Business Owners

Those with businesses could possibly help by sending me work. Ideally product development work, mechanical and electronic design and plastic mold and part design, although I can also do other things. I make nice webpages, I also know computer programming. To inquire, contact me find my e-mail here or go to my work website. My prices are somewhat lower than typical, to make up for some minor perceived difficulties. You can talk to me on the phone (before 3pm USA Central Time) or send me a fax (currently in USA and Canada only), but I'm on the other side of the world. I am from Minnesota, USA, but I live now in Ukraine.

I live here, because I can live on less money (although not without sacrifice), which is necessary to achieve this goal.

This company which I am starting, is what this whole website is about. My plan is to start a company, where all are treated equally. No one is an island. We help each other and make things better for us all. No one worker is more important than the others. Not even the manager. I will never become rich off of it, but rather, my salary will remain capped along with all the employees. If this company succeeds, the poor will inherit the Earth.

For the Future of Mankind

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