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You can expect that this new system will create new technology 100 times faster than any current system. Why? If for no other reason, than the fact that we're going to make it 100 times easier to invent something. More on this later.

Most governments and management systems in the world today operate as a sort of pyramid structure. Basically, the person at the top gives commands to a few people below, who each give commands to groups of people below them, etc.

The problem with this system, is that it can only be as intelligent as the person at the top. New ideas can not come from the bottom. Occasionally, a new idea can come from someone close to the top, but even most of those ideas are lost.

See, when someone comes up with a new idea, almost all people will think the idea is stupid. That's a fact of life. When people were trying to invent the first airplanes, people said "If God intended people to fly, he would have given us wings."

For this reason, I know that almost all people will think that this new idea is stupid. I'm an inventor, I know this from experience.

If an inventor needs get permission from a superior to invent something, than that inventor will invent nothing. Even if that inventor can convince his or her superior, that superior will not be able to convince his or her superior. It just doesn't happen. No new ideas can come from the bottom.

As great philosopher once said "Judge not, that ye be not judged." He really summed it up in that one phrase. We, as a society, have laid our judgements upon ourselves.

When we try to judge ideas and inventors, we end up with nothing. Our companies try to choose good inventors, and they end up with people who are good at selling themselves and have little or no ability to invent or design.

Here's where we get our big advantage. We draw ideas from all the people, and give them to power to make them into reality.

Obviously, a person doesn't start out with the ability to make a decision to spend a billion dollars on something, but they do have the power to make smaller decisions. This decision power improves if they make smart decisions.

For example, if an inventor invents something and it goes to market, that inventor is allowed more decision power. That inventor can then invent bigger and better things.

At first, the inventor might have to work extra hours to get something done, but inventors are ok with this. If the inventor doesn't know how to do something, and wants someone to help, the inventor can trade time, to have someone else do it. This trading of time will be easily affordable for the inventor. Hour for hour.

Imagine trying to buy someone's time under the current system. It takes most of us several months save enough money to buy one single day of work.

Patents are another problem area. Most inventors simply can't afford to patent anything. Our new society will soon consider all inventions to automatically be the property of the inventor. No need to pay for a patent. An inventor only has to write a description, make drawings, and file them for free. No wasting valuable time and money on patents, when you don't even know if the idea has any merit.

No more hiding your ideas, until you have them fully developed and patented. How can anything be developed that way? Inventors, will be able to talk about their ideas and get input on how to improve them. No more will billions of good ideas be forever lost due to fear of theft.

Since inventors are typically do it yourselfers, we can greater boost their ability to create by giving some additional decision power for work that you do yourself.

Combine that with access to fully automatic machines, free unlimited access to the best software, as well as expert assistance and advice whenever you want it... We can only begin to imagine how fast new technology will be developed.

For the Future of Mankind

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