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Imagine a world where all people had plenty of spare time to work on projects, which they feel are necessary for the good of mankind. Where regular people had plenty of time, education, and resources, allowing them to solve the big problems of mankind. Imagine a world, where all the solutions existing right now, were to be implemented.

World Peace is an obtainable goal. One might think of it as a balancing of powers, not of nations, but rather of people. When people get either to powerful or to desperate fights break out, and those fights lead to wars. World Peace is the only way to prevent Judgment Day, and Judgment Day CAN be prevented.

The solution, is to make the people, all the people, free and independent. Free to choose for themselves, right or wrong, and what tasks they feel need to be done. Let people work on what inspires them.

In the simplest of of terms, this is about basically the ultimate system of putting regular people in control of their own lives

Here's a brief description of each the links:

The Zacchaeus Economics page describes a theoretical system of obtaining from people, the maximum potential to do good. Some have heard the term from the billionares Bill Gates and Warren Buffet trying to get other wealthy people to give away half their wealth, but this page describes a theory which shows it has much more potential than you might expect.

The Tragedy of the Commons page tells how the problem of "over population" and global warming can be solved, without killing people. That the problem is not to many people, as so many think it is, and it is a problem that we can easily fix.

Highlife Theory explains the existence of a super intelligent super organism, which lives here on Earth. An organism millions of times more intelligent than us humans. The organism often called "God". It also tells the existence of other organisms, less intelligent and sometimes very harmful.

The Great Commandments page tells about a basic law, that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

The Road Behind page tells about what happened in the past, leading up to Team World Peace.

The More Info page has links to my videos, my books, and my other webpages. There may be links to other people's sites as well.