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Conceivia.com is an earlier version of this website. Still valid, with some information not found on this website. It is about a new form of society, which can end poverty and bring about World Peace, just like this site is.

My Dad's Website is about the Military Draft. My father was not a lawyer, but he was quite successful in fighting against the military draft in court. More successful than you can possibly imagine, in fact. My father was a prophet of God in the modern age. Most people probably think they do not exist, but they do.

Highlife Theory explains the existence of a super intelligent super organism, which lives here on Earth. An organism millions of times more intelligent than us humans. The organism often called "God". It also tells the existence of other organisms, less intelligent and sometimes very harmful.

You can find My Books here.

My Videos or, some of the more important ones as follows:

life is cheap is a humorous examination of just how little it costs to save lives. You'll be shocked!!!

A New Hope for Mankind = Literally the first step in preventing Judgment Day. Just as God commanded Jonas to warn the people of Ninevah, just as God gave those people a chance to change their destiny, God has also given us a chance to change our destiny. Live or die, the choice is up to us. This video is step one in preventing Judgment Day.

New Savior - One of the biggest road blocks preventing mankind from making the necessary efforts to save ourselves, is the idea that Jesus will come back from the dead to save us. This video is to help break down that road block.